Uncertainty software

Collection of links to software for calculation of uncertainties.

First part of the post is emphasized description by the producer (shortened). My notes follows.

Usefull list of uncertainty software is also part of wikipedia.

Metas Unclib

Metas Unc Lib is a generic measurement uncertainty calculator developed by METAS (as part of the VNA Tools II project). Wrapper library gives the possibility to use it from MATLAB through the COM interface. It allows treatment of multivariate uncertainties with MATLABs syntactic sugar for vector and matrix calculations.

Written in .NET framework, so I suppose it works only at OS Windows. Free. Interesting presentation with fitting of the circle is here

GUM Workbench

GUM Workbench is an advanced and versatile software tool for implementation of the GUM-method. GUM Workbench is user friendly. A great timesaver and a shortcut to the calculation of uncertainty in measurement.

Quite capable software, atested by Danish Technological Institute, can use GUF, Monte Carlo, cooperate with MS Excel. Not free, Windows only, but works in Wine.


QMSys GUM Software is suitable for the analysis of the uncertainty of physical measurements, chemical analyses and calibrations. GUF Method for linear models, GUF Method for nonlinear models, Monte-Carlo Method.

Quite capable software. Seems to me comparable, or slightly more capable than GUM Workbench. It is not free, Windows only, not tested in Wine.


WinBUGS is part of the BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) project, which is concerned with flexible software for the Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. The project began in 1989 in the MRC Biostatistics Unit and led initially to the `Classic' BUGS program, and then onto the WinBUGS software developed jointly with the Imperial College School of Medicine at St Mary's, London.

Very hard-to-use software useful for Bayesian statistics and Monte Carlo calculations. Not directly aimed as software for metrologists. Free. BUGS is developed as open source, resulting in OpenBUGS.


UncertaintyAnalyzer is measurement uncertainty analysis software. UncertaintyAnalyzer is a tool for conducting and reporting uncertainty analyses for direct measurements, multivariate measurements and measurement systems. UncertaintyAnalyzer incorporates and extends the concepts and methods found in the GUM. Consequently, UncertaintyAnalyzer greatly facilitates compliance with ISO 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3. UncertaintyAnalyzer's built-in statistical analysis methodologies are combined with user technical expertise through a user-friendly graphical interface. All math and statistics are performed in background, requiring little or no statistical training.

Not tested by myself, not free, only windows.


EUROMETROS (EUROpeain METROlogy Software) system allows Metrologists to gain access to software they require for their work. EUROMETROS is used as the repository for the MetroNet work package (WP 2) on mathematical and statistical software tools for metrology. EUROMETROS was developed by the SSfM Software Re-use project and is described in the Guide to EUROMETROS: SSfM Good Practice Guide No. 5.

Huge bunch of various routines and algorithms, mainly for Matlab and Fortran, some of them for Excel. Free and open source. Should be for metrologists, however these functions calculates mostly residuals, not uncertainties.

Measurement Software Toolkit

The Measurement Software Toolkit is a collection of documents and software for calculation of measurement uncertainty. There are documents in the Toolkit about different methods of uncertainty calculation, including Monte Carlo methods and the proprietary GUM Tree method. There are also software libraries that implement the GUM Tree method. These include add-ins for Microsoft Excel and a library written in R. A topic of particular interest is the calculation of uncertainty for complex-valued quantities. A new area of interest is spreadsheet checking and validation. An Excel add-in that provides worksheet function assertions is now included in the toolkit. It has been designed for spreadsheet and worksheet function testing .

Interesting, well documented and free software toolkit, however only Windows OS.

GUM Tree Calculator

The GUM Tree Calculator is a Python package for processing data with measurement uncertainty. Python objects, called uncertain numbers, are used to encapsulate information about measured quantities. Calculations of derived quantities that involve uncertain numbers will propagate this information automatically. So, data processing results are always accompanied by uncertainties. GTC follows international guidelines on the evaluation of measurement data and measurement uncertainty (the so-called GUM. It has been developed for use in the context of metrology, test and calibration work.

Free Python toolkit useful for Python users. All OSs.

Uncertainty Calculator

Uncertainty Calculator ncertainty Calculator has been developed to address the need to document analyses of measurement accuracy (uncertainty) in a simple, straightforward manner and is consistent with the ISO Guide to Uncertainty in Measurement ('GUM'). It includes examples from authoritative documents such as those published by NIST, NCSL, UKAS, SINGLAS and EA.

Software calculates only basic uncertainties. It is free Windows software, quite old.


LNE-MCM aims at calculation of uncertainties by means of Method Monte Carlo according both the first and the second supplement of the ISO Guide to Uncertainty in Measurement ('GUM'). It can also determine the output probability distribution by using Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit test.